planting trees in Africa and South america

Our Vision: Planting 7 Million Trees.

We believe in Corporate and Social responsibility. DNA Green Planet Limited and its division DNA Plant a Tree, as members of the DNA Group of Companies,  have rules in place for our corporate governance towards our partners and  environment.

Collecting the seeds. Developing the seedlings in our tree nurseries.

Forest preparation and tree planting.

Sustainable management of the forests.

Depending on tree species planted we maintain a sustainable harvesting program.

DNA Plant a Tree Sustainable Forestry

Revenue generated by sustainable forestry, include products and raw materials obtained from the forests in a sustainable forest program. Your interest and involvement in our forest strategy together will enable you to become a member and a beneficiary certificate holder.

Trees Species
Trees Planted

Processing DNA Plant a Tree Program Members

We pool together the Membership contributions and determine the amount and species of trees to be planted.

Transfer of funds to our Partners

We instruct our partners regarding the amount and species of trees to be planted. They will evaluate the species of Trees suitable.

Forest Management Program

Ensure that the Trees are able to grow to fully healthy species. At the end of the program Trees are used for delivering products.

DNA Plant a Tree is a division of DNA Green Planet Limited

DNA Green Planet Limited is certified by the ICO, (Information Commissionar’s Office).

Annual Reports
& Financials

Our work is carried out with a deep commitment to accountability and transparency.

We want every member of our certificate programs to know as much as possible about how DNA Plant a Tree operates and how carefully and effectively we use and manage all contributions.