Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our stewardship and use of forest lands has been developed in such a way that maintains the productivity, biodiversity, regeneration capacity, vitality and potential. In order to fulfill relevant ecological, economic and social development at National, Regional and Local level.

Our aim is to plant 7 Million trees in Africa in a 5 year period.

Extraordinary Experiences

By becoming part of our  certificate program you have the change to many benefits.

Social impact by improving peoples life while caring for the environment.

Participate in our training programs.

Create your own company forest.

Become a company partner.

Our Core Values

Increase the long term value of  forest lands by accelerating the development of forest characteristics including different trees and wild natural areas, providing valuable habitat and therefore improve the potential for balanced conservation.

  • Maintain and enhance the biodiversity of the forest ecosystem
  • To provide food, fibre and other products
  • Local employment to be encouraged

About Us

DNA|Plant a Tree is a division of  DNA Green Planet Limited which is the project development/management company for Eco-Diverse and Beverage Products within the DNA|Group of Companies.  Its role is to manage the Development of Sustainable Food Production and Plant a Tree projects within the DNA|Group of Companies. DNA Plant a Tree currently has a 200 acre Forest under management in Tanzania in cooperation with DNA|Energy East Africa Limited

DNA Global Partners Limited

Holding and Administrative Company of the DNA Group of Companies, based in London, Great Britain.

DNA Energy Group of Companies

Responsible for Renewable Energy projects, with Companies in the Netherlands, (Europe) Poland, (East Europe) Albania (South East Europe) and Tanzania (East Africa).

DNA Green Planet Limited

Environmental Solutions project Development/Management company, responsible for Eco-Diverse & Beverage Products and all Plant a Tree projects within the DNA|Group of Companies.

Our story

DNA|Energy Group from foundation in 2012 has proved itself to be a driven, dynamic corporate group focusing on the Renewable Energy, Eco-Construction and Environmental Solution sector, creating, developing, marketing and promoting a cutting-edge technologies, destined to ensure that our planet has a sustainable and reliable future. We have, together with our strategic partnership network, from foundation, expanded into today’s renewable market as an aspiring and rapidly developing global player with an impressive, versatile project portfolio, today in more than a dozen countries on two continents.

Our Regional DNA Plant a Tree team has extensive experience in Tree Planting and managing Forests, (boots on the ground).  We have a field experience center for education, seminars and will organize field trips to visit our forest on request.

For Professional Partners there is the possibility to organize group visits to our forest and/or participate in educational programs. 

our message

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for their growth, converting it to sugars and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Forest also contribute in a very significant way to biodiversity and habitat variety, critical and necessary for a healthy environment.

our services

forest management

 This year (2019) 10.000 trees already planted in the Visiga forest is in an ongoing planting program.


We serve the growing demand for Companies and Individuals who wish to contribute to a healthy environment and a sustainable future.



Be involved in our seminars which cover a range of educational,  environmental and learning programs.

Our company is a collective of highly competent individuals.

The DNA Group of Companies is managed by highly competent individuals with different corporate backgrounds, with a combined management experience of more then 250 years at Senior Corporate Level.

This ensures a level of Company Management required to have successful tree planting programs in place.

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