incentive programs for Professionals

company Certificate holder

Become a certificate holder in one of our Forest Programs for Companies and Professionals with our annual donation program. Starting at £500 a year for 12 Plant a Tree Forest certificates.

corporate Partner

Join us and become a Plant a Tree Benefactor and benefit from privileged visit status. Details on request.

create your own company forest

In close communication with you we will create your own dedicated Company Forest. We will communicate and consult with you regarding the tree planting program, enabling you to present your dedicated forest as part of your corporate profile.

Choose your perfect plan

Become a strategic long term member of our DNA Plant a Tree Forest Program and work together with us in developing  sustainable forests in Africa.

Plant a Tree

£500 donation

  • 12 certificates
  • 240 trees planted per year
  • Support and Forest Management

Plant a Tree

£1000 donation

  • 25 certificate
  • 500 trees planted
  • For 2 people free accommodation for 2 nights (apply for details)
  • Forest site visit

Plant a Tree

£5000 donation

  • 130 certificates
  • 2600 trees planted
  • For 2 people free accommodation for 11 nights (apply for details)
  • Forest site visit

Frequently asked questions

If you write out the basic facts of trees, but framed as technology, it sounds  impossible: Self-replicating, solar powered  machines that synthesize carbon dioxide and rainwater into oxygen and  building materials, agriculture and pharmaceutical products on a planetary scale.

Trees are an excellent way of taking responsibility to offset your companies carbon footprint and become CO2 neutral.

 Yes, there are no restriction for any company to become a partner in one of our programs.

Yes, a company can participate in more then one program, or acquire several programs at once.

Feel free to contact  us!

Start your own company’s sponsored forest and become a partner with DNA Plant a Tree, we will plant indigenous trees in your companies sponsored forest.

DNA Plant a Tree organizes several training programs for members of our certificate programs. These training programs are organized at our center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, feel free to contact us to discuss your companies interests and involvement.

Planting a Tree is an essential long term investment. How well this investment develops depends on the type of tree selected, the planting location, the care provided during and after planting. Getting your trees off to a healthy start and maturing to their full size and productivity which will provide environmental, economic and social benefits, this is our teams’ primary objective.

DNA Plant a Tree is a division of DNA Green Planet

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