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Individual Members

With our donation programs for individual members you have the opportunity to make a strong long term contribution, adding both beneficial, social and environmental impact together.


Become an Ambassador of DNA Plant a Tree and enjoy the benefits.

Individual members

Be an individual member in one of our donation programs and subscribe to one of our yearly programs for developing forests in Africa.

Students & Pensioners

By being a member of our Forest Tree Planting program for Students & Pensioners you work together with us in developing sustainable forests in Africa.

DNA plant a Tree

There are three Forest Certificate programs available for individual members;

Plant a Tree

£3 Per month
£33 annual donated

  • 15 trees planted per year
  • 1 certificate per year
  • Membership Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

£4 Per month
£45 annual donated

  • 20 trees planted per year
  • 1 certificate per year
  • Membership Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

£11 Per month
£125 annual donated

  • 55 trees planted per year
  • 3 certificates per year
  • Membership Plant a Tree

Frequently asked questions

The DNA Group of Companies is involved in Renewable Energy projects including: Waste to Energy, Geothermal Energy, Solar Power, Green Construction Projects and Environmental Solution projects like DNA Plant a Tree. DNA Green Planet’s objective is to achieve Carbon Neutrality 2050.

Planting trees and increasing the Worlds Forests is a positive statement in reducing the Worlds carbon footprint. As a member you also help to support local economies, industry and help create social development. 

By becoming a member of one of our Plant a Tree programs you will be contributing to the planting of 7 million trees. Each Donation Certificate will enable us to plant a minimum of 20 trees per year

Trees help to filter and clean water, reduce air pollutants and retain more water in the soil. Trees in large enough numbers may attract rainfall. Trees are essential in the battle against soil erosion and the advancement of deserts.

Any investment in one of our Forest Tree Certificate programs is an investment with a long term economic and social impact. Correct investments through environmental and sustainable programs are essential in the development of African economies.

Yes, you are welcome to register for any one of our projects or open seminars in Africa.

Contact us for more details.

Yes, you can donate as many Forest Certificates as you would like. Every certificate will make a difference.

DNA Plant a Tree is a division of DNA Green Planet.

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